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Type I and II health care facilities
are required to test their EPS Systems
Under load

The testing requirements under NFPA 110, 1999 edition Chapter 6 are intended to deliver a high degree of reliability by bringing up faults before an emergency develops. This is effectively done under load.

The individual charged with operating and maintaining the EPSS should know how to perform this test by operating the test switch on the automatic transfer switch or turning off the power to the emergency circuits. He should also keep detailed records of this monthly test.

During the required 30 minute monthly exercise, the system must operate at 30% of its nameplate rating.

  1. Find the generator nameplate.
  2. Confirm the voltage used by your facility.
  3. Locate the box on the nameplate that corresponds to the phase and voltage. The amperage the generator is designed to produce will be recorded in this box.
  4. Multiply the amperes from the nameplate by .3, as in, 250 amps times .3 equals 75 amps. 75 amps will be 30% of the generator�s capability. Each leg, A, B, and C, needs to read 75 amps or more or the total divided by the number of legs needs to be 75 amps or more.
Be Careful!

Generators and automatic transfer switches as well as their appurtenant devices employ high voltages that can hurt you. Do not attempt to work with this equipment unless you are qualified. Observe all rules and cautions found in the manufacturer�s manuals as well as NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

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